In 1896 a group of friends, as they used to do at that time, gave birth to the society of Spaghettari, given that their meetings were held in this room in front of a great big plate of spaghetti, hence the name from 1896 - "Ai Spaghettari".
The Onofri family running the restaurant since 1985 and is over 100 years of history in the 4th owner of the premises.
  All dishes are prepared and cooked according to the ancient recipes trying to use the same natural ingredients with daily purchases and products in most of the region.
  Our matriciana and carbonara are executed to perfection as we have been taught by our grandmothers and mothers using the excellent bacon and pecorino romano.
  In addition to Roman cuisine you can eat excellent fish that you will find in the menu (spaghetti with clams, with seafood, baked turbot, etc. ..), you can also custom make dinners with good fresh fish bought directly from our suppliers, owners of vessels, which supply us with fish every day of 1st quality.